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An amazing free photo editor with lots of extra tools

Photoscape is an amazing free photo editor. It includes so many filters, tools and special effects you'll find it hard to believe it's actually free. It's a great free of charge alternative to other titles like Photoshop or Gimp.

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  • SomeWierd MateHead

    by SomeWierd MateHead

    What Editing software doesn't have an erase tool?! Paint would have done a better job

  • Dario Fernandez Delgado

    by Dario Fernandez Delgado

    it is the better I recomende it because it is very interestin

  • Jason M

    by Jason M

    It doesnt support RAW files from my Olympus camera, so it's basically not worth using :|

  • Jaime Cab

    by Jaime Cab

    you are very reliable software in the world. thanks for all ok

  • Helen Asefaw

    by Helen Asefaw

    perfect perfect perfect i love it love it it is excelent wowwwww

  • by Anonymous

    Very Good Indeed. Its so wow....!! Guys use it and get more out ot it. And also very easy to use as compared to PhotoShop and its like its not free. Pros: The layout and easy to use tools that it has. Cons: Nothing at all, everything is perfect

  • by Anonymous

    Very Good Indeed. Its so wow....!! Guys use it and get more out ot it. And also very easy to use as compared to PhotoShop and its like its not free

  • Tzila Schurmann

    by Tzila Schurmann

    Photoscape--still FREE--still Fabulous!!!. I adore Photoscape...and have used it for several years. It never disappoints!! Easy to use--great results. **A previous "review"" stated that the "Clone" feature was now "PAY" to get--this is simply not true. ALL Features are FREE. Just got a new PC--downloaded Photoscape--all features FREEMore

  • Aidan Wright

    by Aidan Wright

    100/100 :D. it so good :D Wow! .........................................

  • Josef B. Dwiyono

    by Josef B. Dwiyono

    GREAT TOOL !. It is a great tools ! I use it from the begining version. Thanks to the team.

  • by Anonymous

    Good.. but previous version better.. I've used Photoscape for years but slightly disappointed in the new version. Preferred the simplicity of the previous ones. I have to really search for functions now. Also functions I used routinely such as Clone are now only available if you pay for them. Disappointing. Pros: Lots of functions, not as complex as photoshop.

  • Kris Elliott

    by Kris Elliott

    its the best ive ever work with. i think its great.i like how easy it is handelits smooth to learn easy to understand.i will recamend it to my friends thank you for the free download

  • by Anonymous

    good. easy to edit pictures, with nice color editing, and lots of choice. Pros: crop. color. Cons: there is no

  • Andrea Wong

    by Andrea Wong

    not bad. used far i think its user friendly i nicest one among other photo edittin tools

  • Andrea Wong

    by Andrea Wong

    not bad. used far i think its user friendly i nicest one among other photo edittin tools

  • Mansur Gaga

    by Mansur Gaga

    Awsome. Simple but I think there should be 2 x 3 portrait photo size

  • by Anonymous

    there's no letters in my langugage in text funkcion :S. Latest version, is bad!!! it's not have leters in my langugage in text funkcion :S

  • Chandan Panigrahi Babul

    by Chandan Panigrahi Babul

    Superb and wonderful. very nice software. it is a small size software but it is a good photo editor as compared to others. and finally it is fully free software. thnx. Pros: editing. Cons: some extra operating tools

  • by Anonymous

    Cool photo editor and for free, I love it.. Cool photo editor and for free, I love to take photos and I love Photoscape.

  • by Anonymous

    Amazing. I love this program. It is so easy to use. I personally think it is better then photoshop. Pros: How easy the program is to navigate. Cons: If you are zooming in on a certain area to make corrections to it wish the circules/ tools could be adjusted

  • by Anonymous

    Exceptional capability for a free program.. Photoscape has some wonderful features for a free program. The features I find most handy are the Rotate Arbitrary feature and the Clone Stamp. Rotate Arbitrary allows you to make minute adjustments to the photo to level it using a slider. The Clone Stamp, when used with the view enlarger, allows you to clone out or in minute changes to delete unwanted dMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    installation problem. this app is not installing in my lapy .how can i install it.

  • by Anonymous

    Pretty good. The program is nice so far working ok.Interface is fine,but could be better.

  • by Anonymous

    Photo resizing. It seems to be an "ok" photo tool, BUT if I can't resize photos by inches instead of pixels, it sucks. What a pain in the butt to have to open a converter tool on the net while I'm using PhotoScape just to get the right size. Pros: tools are easy to use. Cons: pixels to inches converter

  • by Anonymous

    It is second to none.. I find photoscape second to none. in making animated gifs.a That's. why I find it unavoidable to use. Pros: Making animated Gifs. It's simplicity. Cons: I think you can add in more animations.

  • by Anonymous

    Ease of use and features for quick edits-second to none!. I have used this for years and rate it's ease of use second to none. Great for quick edits, crop, resize, of batch conversions-too easy! Pros: Ease of use. File batch conversions. Cons: I can't think of any

  • by Anonymous

    So simple and so useful.. This is my everyday tool. Retouch digital photos saves me time, and the result is incredible. Miroslav

  • by Anonymous

    You are the best! . PhotoSpace is a great program.Excellent program for praise. Pros: Well tto that can make pictures. Cons: All praise.

  • by Anonymous

    Update the software Versions More Regularly Please. They are Outdated.. I Love Photoscape and I am using it Every Day!! It is a very light software, which ables you to edit your photos and images at a lightning speed and with no hassles! -> But You have a serious problem Here. Your softwares are OUTDATED. Photoscape's New version now is 3.7. Not 3.6.2. So I had to download it from (download,cMore

  • by Anonymous

    Good Free Photo Editing Tool. Great application. I download this application for editing my Christmas snaps. Though installation was quite slow, but at last I found fruitful result....Useful Application